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Three Men on a Plane

Three Men on a Plane by Mavis Cheek

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Pages: 272

I really enjoyed writing this novel.  It’s based on something true – there really were three men on a plane…

Pamela Pryor’s son has, at last, left home. She feels free but also strangely restless. There have been three significant men in her life – Peter, her ex-husband; Douglas, a style guru; and Dean, a handsome younger man – all of whom have begun to think of Pamela in romantic terms once more.

But Pamela is enjoying her independence and wants to get to know herself again. Which of the three suitors (if any) should Pamela choose?


‘An ingenious story-line affording ample scope for the sly humour at which Mavis Cheek excels. This is an intelligent, hard-nosed comedy, in which the folly of emotional dependence is pitilessly exposed.’ Observer

‘Cheek is a marvellous writer whose characters are beautifully drawn, whose observations on the absurd behaviour of the middle aged invariably hit the mark and who makes you laugh out loud.’ Daily Mail


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‘Guaranteed entertainment from start to finish’ Time Out

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