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Dog Days

Dog Days by Mavis Cheek

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Publisher: Ipsp Books
Language: English
Published Date: May
Pages: 224

The third and last of my funny, light touch, comedies of manners.  Can Brian the Dog take the place in a child’s affections when her parents are divorced?  Her mother thinks so.  Her mother is wrong.  Brian takes a strong interest in the rabbit next door, one Bulstrode, and when Bulstrode shows a distinct touch of having hit the fatal, mother must call in the vet for help.  Who just so happens to be rather attractive and male… 


Patricia’s marriage of eleven years is over. Despite her doubts about the arrival of Brian, a dog who has become a father-substitute for her ten year old daughter Rachel, Patricia is more than ready for a fulfilled life as a single parent. But then the matchmaking begins. Even her most trusted friends are determined to provide her with potential lovers, all of whom she skilfully manages to avoid – that is until Roland, who is deeply unsuitable, arrives on the scene.


As in all good stories, Cheek makes us hope for the best.’Daily Mail

The observation is acute and the writing full of verve.’ Today

‘Taking dead aim at complacency and pretension, Mavis Cheek is Jane Austen in modern dress’ The Boston Globe

This edition of Dog Days is available as an ebook from IpsoBooks now, and as a paperback.


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‘Guaranteed entertainment from start to finish’ Time Out

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