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Aunt Margaret’s Lover

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Pages: 295

It’s a complex plot, again, and has a fairly devastating ending – but it is also much loved by my readers, and by me.A lovely, funny book to write.  The idea came from my being single again and trying out lonely hearts’ dating (in those days through newspapers).  I’m told by many a reader over the years that it has actually caused marriages – because it suggests that you can meet a long term lover in that way.  It was all new then – not like now where Internet Dating is as common as the cold.  I invented a male lead with whom I fell in love as I wrote him (the great trick in contriving a male hero) and – I’m happy to say – with whom a good many other women fell in love, too.  I still get asked if Oxford actually exists – ‘…and can I have his phone number?’  


Aunt Margaret, surrogate mother to Saskia, has just waved goodbye to her niece as she sets off for a teenage rendezvous with her father for a year. Now, buoyed up by an unexpected legacy, Aunt Margaret decides to kick up her heels and have some fun and places an advert – ‘Woman, 39, seeks lover for one year – April to April, no expectations.’ What ensues is not entirely without incident!


Perfect summer reading .’Company

‘A devilishly funny social satirist…it is impossible not to be enthralled.’ Daily Mail

‘A very agreeable confection, light in texture but laced with morsels of richness.’ Sunday Times


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‘Guaranteed entertainment from start to finish’ Time Out

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