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Line of Duty

Does anyone remember the episode of ‘Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads’ when Bob and Terry spend the day trying to avoid learning the result of the England vs Bulgaria match?

In desperation they give blood, they do flower arranging with the Women’s Institute, they go to church in their frantic attempt to spend eight hours away from the result…  I was reminded of their predicament when I realised that for next week’s, 90 minute, edge of seat, nail biting, final episode of  ‘Line of Duty’ I shall be at my book group.  I couldn’t quite overcome my readerly conscience to abandon the group, stay home and settle down on the sofa for a telly programme.  I shall have to record it.   ‘Line of Duty’ is the best thing on telly right now, bar none.  It is one of those perfect fusions of great writing by Jed Mercurio and a great ensemble performance by the cast – all of whom give sterling performances and pull together – Keely Hawes brings a chill to our bones, Martin Compston and Vicky McLure counter the chill with their intense sense of honour, Craig Parkinson is the most wonderful baddie – like a creeping Scarpia – but they are just part of a cracking mix of acting talent that is so good you forget they are all acting.  And the women come out very well – even Steely Keely who is honourable if damaged.  In this Police team you don’t ask a male superior to investigate something corrupt within the Force that might be critical – you ask a woman.  Why?  Because she can’t be a Mason.

So – next week is the final – 90 minutes of nail chewing, edge of seat stuff – and I shall be somewhere else discussing ‘The Help’ with my book mates.  So there will be no radio in the car on the way home that night, no radio or newspaper during Friday while I try to concentrate on being a writer and working on my book until evening arrives and I can settle down to the recording.  Personally I’d prefer to give blood, do flower arranging with the WI and go to church but I’m quite sure that at each place the only talk would be ‘Line of Duty’ – even in church the brass cleaners would probably be whispering about it.  Can’t wait.  But wait I must.


And talking of  Book Groups – you can join mine online – I’d love to see you there. Join in for the freebies now and in the future, and be the first to have access to new editions of old favourites.  And be Welcome to my World. 


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