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Cheek is a marvellous writer whose characters are all beautifully drawn, whose observations on the absurd behaviour of the middle-aged invariably hit the mark and who make you laugh out loud, even as you are wincing with pain.’ Daily Mail

Mavis Cheek is the author of 15 novels including Mrs Fytton's Country Life, Janice Gentle Gets Sexy and, most recently, Amenable Women.Mavis Cheek has written 16 novels since 1988.

Pause Between Acts (1988)
Parlour Games (1989)
Dog Days (1990)
Janice Gentle Gets Sexy (1993)
Aunt Margaret’s Lover (1994)
Sleeping Beauties (1996)
Getting Back Brahms (1997)
Three Men on a Plane (1998)
Mrs Fytton’s Country Life (2000)
The Sex Life of My Aunt (2002)
Patrick Parker’s Progress (2004)
Yesterday’s Houses (2007)
Amenable Women (2008)
Truth to Tell (2010)
The Lovers of Pound Hill (2012)

‘Guaranteed entertainment from start to finish’ Time Out

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