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There is a very dreadful scourge which permeates all our lives – Corporate Writing.  And it needs to be stamped out.  I’ve been wading through literature received from Hounslow Borough Council, a holiday brochure, a mini-catalogue from a national gallery, an instruction leaflet for a telephone – and many other things – and the fluffy language, the tucking in of extra adjectives, the rambling and repetitive nonsense that they write – is – well – insulting.  All we individuals want to do on receiving information about anything from a product to a picture is to read good, clear prose that tells us what we might want to know – in as few words as possible.  That’s why I’ve become part of the Royal Literary Fund’s new Writing Project; we appointees go into charities, businesses, schools, councils – anywhere that needs to communicate to the public about what it does and what it offers them- and we help them rewrite their information so that it is BETTER.  You can go online to The Royal Literary Fund’s website and find Writing Project to see what it is we do.  And if you think you could benefit from our advice – we’re their to help.


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