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Mavis Cheek is the author of 15 books

‘Mavis Cheek may well be the spokes-woman for a generation.’ Observer

‘There has always been a touch of the Alan Bennett about Mavis Cheek. Both writers share an uncanny talent for capturing the cadences of the way we speak, and for re-creating them on the page so delicately and with such charm that it takes your breath away.’ Daily Mail

Mavis Cheek is the critically-acclaimed author of sixteen novels including Three Men on a Plane, Amenable Women, and most recently Mrs Fytton’s Country Life.

Her work traces the lives and mishap-laden loves of smart, sharply drawn women navigating the absurdities of middle age.

 Find out where Mavis will be talking or running writers’ courses, get in touch and buy her books.


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#DogDays Blog Tour

I’ve been talking to lots of brilliant bookish minds about Dog Days – read on. Monday – The Writes of Woman Tuesday – The Bookshop Around The Corner Wednesday – Debra’s Book Cafe Thursday – Annabel’s House of Books Friday – Nut Press    

On bathrooms

Something seems to have gone wildly wrong in the world of bathroom suppliers.  They have a strange view of the world. Experience number one.  The local, and fairly posh, bathroom supplier.  They have nice things and it would be easy to use them.  I have called into the showroom three times.  On each occasion there […]


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